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  • I have been using San Diego Bimmer MB since 1994. They are reasonable and honest and the mechanics are knowledgeable. Andy, Eva and Conrad are a pleasure to work with and go out of their way to accomodate my needs. i highly recommend their business. Molly McConnell
    Molly McConnell
  • If you go to this repair shop with your import and are not completely satisfied, you can trash my ash tray. My 1984 Benz loves the bright and qualified couple who run San Diego Bimmer MB They have been here a long time but are from Poland and they must have some kind of intense Middle European work ethic. They also have integrity. Will charge you

    a fair price and will not make or suggest repairs you do not need. When others (including a Benz dealer) said my old machine could no longer pass the smog–and charged me more than a thousand bucks to get it to pass, I thought I’d have to say Ach du Lieber to the Benz. Nope. I got a coupon discount for the smog check from San Diego Bimmer MB-and it passed with flying colors–am flying the colors of the Polish and US flags!
    A Google User
  • Really Great service here. I was in a time crunch and the guy (young tall male) expedited the process for me. Seemed like a family run business, everyone very friendly and accomodating. I would certainly go back, and am referring my roommates and friends go there when they need to as well!
    Nathan Walsh-Haines
  • Took my Nissan Altima in because it had a small, but growing, oil leak. They fixed it rather quickly and for much cheaper than a quote I received from another shop. I would recommend them to anyone. Infact, once the manufacturer’s warranty is over on my other car, I will probably start taking it here!
    Ben Embry
  • They are great!!! I take my Mercedes only to them now. Real parts, great honest people, don’t be fooled by the building they know what they are doing and at half the cost or more than the dealer!!!!!!!!

    Lane Kershner
  • a small dinky lot with excellent customer service and great work on very technical, module related work on recent Audis. A great experience after a number of major let downs from the only Audi dealership on a very shiny lot within 20 miles.

    R.U. Joe King
  • I have been taking my last 2 vehicles there for the past 10 years and the service and workmanship is top-notch.

    Mike Mcguire
  • They can be pricy but their service can’t be topped

    Arina Lee
  • It’s a wonderful place when you need work done on the car. They are friendly, efficient, and able to solve any problem.
    Judith Evans
  • You will always be well taken care of at San Diego Bimmer MB.

    Jim Kennedy
  • I have been going to Adams Avenue Imports for years and highly recommend them. First I was taking my Toyota Camry and more recently my Audi A4. They have always fixed whatever problem I’ve had for a fair price in a reasonable amount of time. They are a pleasure to deal with – honest, reliable and even kind…. Recently I had an estimate for work from the dealer, and Adams Ave. Imports did the same work for a much lower rate. They are good people who do good work.
    Christine Richards

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